Leflair Product Page Redesign 

Leflair is the first website in Vietnam to provide its access to the world’s best brands, at a fraction of the retail price. Every morning, and for a very limited time, it opens new boutiques filled with selection in women’s & men’s fashion, beauty, home, kids and much more, all guaranteed genuine.

Product pages are the moment of truth for every business. Either they convert a visitor into a customer or they don’t. Everyone knows that successful product pages are important to a successful e-commerce website.


Research and analysis



This project required a lot of analytics research with our marketing team and customer support team. I was trying to understand where and why we have problems.



My goal was to leave this page as simple as possible and to fill it with all the necessary information.

Redesign CTA.jpg

Moving CTA, adding assurance to CTA

Redesign Add to bag.jpg

Changing CTA

It was interesting project both mobile and desktop versions. It taught me so many things like how people decide to buy and how they act in different situations. 

Redesign Mobile.jpg

Conversion rate dynamic 

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