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Leflair Persona and GUI

Leflair is the first website in Vietnam to provide its access to the world’s best brands, at a fraction of the retail price. Every morning, and for a very limited time, it opens new boutiques filled with selection in women’s & men’s fashion, beauty, home, kids and much more, all guaranteed genuine.

Leflair Persona

Persona is the voice of the user.

No need for a big budget to conduct a lot of researchers to create a persona. 

Our persona was based on on-site analytics, team interviews, customer services' reports and some questions to our customers during confirmation call. 


Google Analytics showed where our visitors came from, their age and preferences, devices, etc. Involving the team, especially those members who interact with customers and customer data helped us to see their perspective on what makes our customers tick.

Customer services' reports along with customers' interviews helped us to reveal 

deep insight into our customers and uncover their goals, motivations and pain points.


During all my work in Leflair persona helped me to keep our business stakeholders focused on our goals and validate or disprove different design decisions

Persona 23yo.jpg
Persona 34yo.jpg

Leflair GUI

A great user interface design is one that helps users accomplish any task in the most efficient way possible. 

Without a doubt, the look and feel of a website’s design are important. However, how well the UI functions play a crucial role in the success of a web page.

There are different factors that make a UI design successful, and the most important one is maintaining visual consistency in how the elements are placed in a web design’s UI.

Our GUI and Standards were based on Understand User’s Behavior, Right Contrast for all Elements of UI Design, Proper Use of White Spaces.

To this study, I brought developers, visual designers, our users, and marketing experts together, because each one of them plays a very important role in building a UI design. 

Leflair UI Kit.jpg
LeFlair Standards.jpg