Lazada Design Portal

Lazada is the biggest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has an operation in 6 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

As a company and our state of developers grow, the staff needed the internal portal, which would collect all standardized components of the site.

Now it would be called Design System 0.0, but back in 2014, that was helpful.

My work as a UI/UX designer intern in Lazada was to gather all the components of our site, create all states, bring them to the same species, create GUI, visual specification and describe when and how to use each component. The project required the basics of HTML. It helped to standardize collaboration between designers and developers and brought consistency. 

UI elements. Notification.

I can't say this project was simple and not because of the technical side but more mental side as it required a lot of meetings with developers and the design team, a lot of changes and disputes. It required to accept other points of view and defend own.

Leflair UI Kit.jpg

UI elements. Search field.

This project required HTML and CSS knowledge, so I took a Treehouse online course, which was really helpful.

UI elements. Buttons.

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